Repairs and service

At work and at home we depend more and more on computers and their peripherals. Hardware failure and software problems delay our work, cause us frustration or even the loss of important files for our work or personal archive. We can offer immediate response to your problem with a variety of specialized repair, upgrade and service actions. Repairs and troubleshooting on computers, printing equipment and other electronic appliances. Our service support covers the following:


Installations of PCs, printers, peripherals and internet equipment.

Hardware and software upgrades.

Computer repairs and hardware /software troubleshooting.

Cleaning viruses and malicious software.

Configuration and troubleshooting of various operating systems:
Microsoft Windows, Linux (Debian, Ubuntu), Mac OS (Apple)

Data recovery from damaged Hard Disks and other storage devices (usb flash, cards, etc.).

- Contact us to arrange an appointment at your place.

Printers and Graphic Arts equipment.

Desktop printers (ink-jet, laser-jet).

Scangraphic and compatible image-setters.

Echographic, Glunz & Jensen Developers.

Xerographic printers (toner ink).

- Contact us for details.